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We travel to any destination, anywhere in the world

We drive to 23 countries in Europe

If you want to move your horse to another destination within Europe, BHS Horses B.V. is the place to be. We ride everywhere in Europe and make a suitable proposal for everyone, trying to get your horse to its final destination as quickly as possible. We make a distinction between co-loadings and private transports. At this moment we transport to 23 countries within Europe. Even if your destination is not mentioned anywhere on our website, please contact us. We like to think about possibilities to transport your horse safely.

Via the quotation form you can indicate where you want to go, with how many horses and when. We have weekly rides to Scandinavia, Spain, Portugal and France and every two weeks we also go to Italy, Austria, Hungary and the UK. This way we want to provide you with a fast handling of the transport by good logistic connections between the trucks.

Intercontinental destinations

For several years now, BHS has been able to take your horse to almost any destination in the world. For this we work closely together with affiliated agents all over the world to guarantee a smooth handling without any problems.

BHS has various certificates and texts that are necessary for the export procedure. The export of your horse requires a lot of knowledge and preparation. Documents that need to be filled in, blood tests and planning the trip are just a few of the preparatory activities. We also supervise the process from request of transport to delivery of the horse at destination. For many countries there are often complicated procedures, restrictions and quarantine conditions. We can tell you all about this.

The most common departure airports at the moment are: Amsterdam (NL), Li├Ęge (BE), Luxembourg (LUX), Frankfurt (DE) and Zaragoza (ES).