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Horse transport, at national and international level

BHS Horses B.V. specializes in the professional national and international logistics of horses, stabling and quarantine. Our home base is in the middle of the Netherlands, in Zeewolde (Flevoland). From here we start a co-transport or private trip with our approved luxurious transport trucks. This can be a trip within the Netherlands or within Europe.

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Every week, our trucks drive throughout Europe. Every two weeks we leave for Spain and every week cars leave for France, Germany and Scandinavia. Co-loadings are often organized for these trips. This means that the horses are ‘collected’ before the transport starts. We leave when there are enough horses for the trip. So it can take some extra time. Most of the time we can leave at the suggested time.

It is possible that the horses have to be preloaded and then continue on the requested ride. We collect the horses and bringing them to the starting point: our home base. From there we send them on transport to the right destination. Or we make a round along the collection points and then drive straight on to Spain, for example. If your horse has remarkable habits during transport or if we have to take into account any particularities, please let us know.

Private transport

You can also choose to book a private trip. This means that your horse will be taken directly to the right destination and that we can arrange an exact date and time with you. Of course this can be booked for one horse, but also for a group of horses that have to move with you, for example. We gladly tailor our services to your specific wishes. Also fort his option we want to know if your horse has remarkable habits. If we have to take into account any particularities, please let us know.