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Transport insurance

For national, international and intercontinental transports, we offer you the following insurance together with Equipe Paardenverzekeringen.

Insurance costs: (% of insured value)
Within EU and USA per truck 1%
Outside EU and USA per truck 2%
Transport by boat + 0,25 %
Transport by plane + 0,25 %
Quarantine > 3 dgn per period + 0,25 %

The minimum net premium is € 75.00.
Policy costs amount to € 11.00
Insurance tax + 7,5 %
Handling costs + 2 %


The risk of death due to illness or accident is covered from the moment the horse is loaded until the horse leaves the truck at its destination.

EquipeEquipeIf the horse becomes ill during transport and dies within 5 days, this also falls under the risk of the transport insurance. A copy of the NVWA health declaration will then be requested and submitted.

To apply for a transport insurance, click here and fill in the form (pdf).

Additional general terms and conditions of transport insurance, click here.